Our goal is to provide an easier platform for people to discover and share anything and everything gaming. Members may add posts, submit videos & images, promote their stream channel, and much more. Membership is free!
We feature our members using the embedded twitch player. Anyone who signs up and chooses to link their twitch can sign up to be featured on our site! Members also have the option to register as a backup streamer which will feature their stream if no one has signed up for the day or if the scheduled streamer is taking a break
Join communities to get access to a game specific thread & stream! Communities can be added via request or if a game receives enough hits.
Coming soon Hatchgaming will be sponsoring an esports team for the 2019-2020 season. For more information on our team and competitive roster visit our Esports Page
Game With Us!
We love to play with our viewers! Add us on any gaming platform and you can join us during a stream, also keep an eye out for Hatchgaming game events on the game board.
Privacy Policy
Hatchgaming does not collect any sensitive data from our users, however all user data will only be shared with the permission of the owner. Accounts may be created with other social media platforms such as Facebook etc. We do not use any outside data from these sources and we will never ask members for their login information.