Game Reviews

Yoshi's Crafted World
Developer: Good-Feel
Hatch Rating: 4/5
Community Rating: 1/5
This game is incredibly fun in two player mode! Be warned, however, of the chaos of two Yoshi occupying the same space. Hazards including accidental swallowing, pushing, or jumping onto your gaming companion. Read full review...
Hollow Knight
Developer: Team Cherry
Hatch Rating: 5/5
Community Rating: 5/5
Hollow Knight is an indie fantasy metroidvania game designed and developed by team cherry. The eerie bug like world is alluring in all of many zones with simple, but fun game-play and a captivating story. Read full review...
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Developer: Bandai Namco Studios & Sorta Ltd
Hatch Rating: 5/5
Community Rating: 4/5
We are very happy to say that the 5th installment of the iconic series has nothing but improved since it's Wii U version with the addition of several new characters, maps, and game modes. Read full review...
The Escapists 2
Developer: Mouldy Toof Studios
Hatch Rating: 5/5
Community Rating: 3/5
The Escapists 2 is an 8bit style puzzle RPG. Each prisons have unique layouts, staff, and inmate dynamics with many ways to break out. A great game to stream or play with others. Read full article...
Overcooked! 2
Developer: Ghost Town Games
Hatch Rating: 3/5
Community Rating: 3/5
Overcooked 2 is a simple yet addictive game that is best enjoyed as a couch co-op with friends. Players have a set time to prepare as many ordered dishes as possible with various obstacles. Read full review...
Super Mario Party
Developer: Nintendo & NDcube
Hatch Rating: 3/5
Community Rating: 1/5
Over 80+ new minigames have been added as well as character specific dice blocks which adds a new level of strategy to the game. However some of the minigames are repetitive. Read full article...