Hatchgaming Stream Guide

Looking to elevate your stream to the next level? There are many things you can do to increase the quality of your stream. Check out our streaming hints & tips below!
What are you streaming?
Certain games will naturally have a larger viewer base due to popularity, game age, and difficulty to stream. Being mindful of what games you stream will help draw viewers for those who are just getting started. Linking your twitch to Hatchgaming will allow you more freedom over what you can stream as we do not set stream priority by game popularity. Below are some games that tend to draw a larger crowd…
Create a stream Schedule
Having a set time each week for when you stream is a great way to keep people coming back. Even if you only stream 1 day a week, making that day consistent will help draw in follows. Customized stream schedules can be created to give your page a more pleasing format.
Interact with your viewers
Everyone loves to be a part of the conversation. Make sure you are as attentive to the chat as possible so you can answer any questions your viewers might have. All streamers should have a microphone active while they play so they can include commentary in their stream. This will also make it much easier and quicker to respond to the chat without having to pause the game. A webcam is another useful tool as viewers love to see the facial reactions of the streamer as certain things happen while streaming, however this is less critical than a microphone.
Overlays & Gimmicks
Look into designing an overlay for your stream. Overlays allow you to present any other information on your stream in a visually appealing manner. This will allow you to display things such as top donators, recent subscribers, or any stream goals directly on your stream. If you are unable to design your own their are many open source programs or vendors that provide themed overlays.
Expand your influence
It’s never a bad idea to have you stream appear on multiple platforms and services. The more places your player is shown the more views & follows you will recieve. Look into creating a youtube channel, facebook, instagram, discord, or any other tools that can be used to expand your stream influence. Creating a Hatchgaming account and linking your twitch will allow your stream to simultaneously appear on twitch as well as here, leading to a huge surge in viewers.